tracNcare and Micros Opera Integration

Coral Springs, FL. — April 22, 2015 — tracNcare is a cloud based software solution that automates asset tracking and care management. Property owners and managers can now turn to proven technology to optimize everything from FF&E purchases and maintenance to guest satisfaction and loyalty.

tracNcare was designed from the ground floor up to help properties track and improve the quality of service at every point of customer interaction, minimize asset expenses, control life span of assets and manage maintenance and housekeeping employee workloads.

The Perfect Mix

First incorporated in 1977, Micros is no stranger to the Hospitality Industry. Considering that on September 8th 2014, Oracle Corporation completed its acquisition of MICROS Systems for $68 per share in cash for a total value of approximately $5.3 billion, it is safe to say that they will be around for quite some time to come!

Located in Columbia, MD they have been successfully “Powering the Hospitality & Retail” like no other company in the world. With multiple products spanning over many different vertical markets within the Hospitality realm, OPERA is the MICROS Property Management System used in many large hotel chains.

Designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain, OPERA PMS provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for performing their day-to-day jobs. By integrating with Opera, tracNcare users are able to gather vital data and statistics on assets, employees and guests & provide management with unsurpassed analytics. In doing so, tracNcare ensures brand standards are monitored and adhered to and that FF&E budgets can be established based on factual data, allowing the hoteliers to protect their two most important assets, their property and their guests!

It All Makes Sense

Years ago, properties earmarked 3% of their annual revenues for the purchase and maintenance of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E). These days, it’s not uncommon to spend 5% to 7% of revenues on FF&E renovation and upkeep. Considering that the amount spent on capital expenditures (“cap ex”) for the U.S. Lodging Industry is forecast to exceed the prior record level spent in 2013, for a new record level of $6.0 billion, (an increase of 7%)…. David Perkins, CEO of tracNcare thinks that a relationship with one of the largest PMS providers in the world makes perfect sense.

“As the CEO of tracNcare, I am honored that we were able to achieve a full integration with the Opera product and receive our certification document outlining the completion of this process. I have the highest regard for Opera as a PMS product and Oracle. This truly opens up a tremendous marketplace and allows tracNcare to be sold worldwide”

Perkins continues, “In today’s ultra-competitive hospitality world where mobile technology has enabled guest reviews and future occupancies to change moment to moment it is critical that Hoteliers monitor their capital assets, employees’ accountability and guest experiences also in real-time. tracNcare enables them to do this easily and effectively and ensures Brand Standards (BSR’S) are being maintained providing valuable business intel. Communication between these two powerful platforms allows this to take place.” With a mission statement that reads, “To build and design powerful, user friendly and industry changing software solutions that generate proven ROI, significantly enhancing clientele’s productivity and bottom line revenues,” it is easy to see that tracNcare is on the right path.

About Micros Opera
Columbia, MD based MICROS (Parent Company) offers a range of software, hardware and related services along with rapidly growing cloud solutions to manage hotels, food & beverage facilities, and retailers. MICROS’ proven and innovative technologies are built and serviced by more than 6,600 employees with deep domain expertise and are in use across 330,000 customer sites in 180 countries. Responding to the ever-growing specialization in the hotel industry, MICROS OPERA offers the flexibility to fulfill the special requirements of the independent market regardless if you are a single boutique hotel or an international, multi-branded hotel chain. Phone: (443) 285-6000 (8:00am to 5:00pm EST) Email: