See Essential Data and Streamline Your Property’s Operations

See Everything in an Instant

Keep your finger on the pulse of your operations by using the myriad of performance indicators found in the management dashboard.

tracNcare has built-in dashboards for tasks, guest requests, assets, and inspections that show you important metrics at a glance.

Build Detailed Reports

Our hotel software has more than two dozen reports that can be exported in many formats and contain essential information to help you streamline your operations.

You’ll find reports for task completion, your property’s inventory, employee activity, asset management, and more.

The Reports You Need

With more than two dozen reports built into the system, you’ll be able to see the metrics you need in an instant.

Keep Track of Employees

tracNcare’s reports will show you when employees start and finish tasks, the actions they took, and where they completed the activity.

Understand Task Activity

Run reports that show you task completion by department, type, and severity so you know how best to allocate resources.

Drill Down on Assets

You’ll find asset management reports that detail when assets need to be replaced, preventive maintenance activities, and more.

Your Choice of Export Formats

Reports can be exported (downloaded) in multiple formats including CSV, PDF, XML, Word, and more.

Identify Inventory Problems

Find inventory discrepancies, what departments are over or under budget, and what items you’re running low on.

Watch a Video to See tracNcare in Action

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