Quality Control

Perform Detailed Inspections and Stay Ahead of Breakages

Guard Against Breakages, Failures…and Negative Reviews

tracNcare’s quality control system is made up of two parts: A powerful inspection engine and a robust preventive maintenance platform. Use these capabilities to keep everything in your hotel in working order.

Beat brand standard ratings by performing detailed inspections of guest rooms, common areas, the exterior of your property, and more. Plus, keep health and safety records such as elevator and fire extinguisher checks logged in the system.

A Smarter Way of Maintaining Your Assets

tracNcare’s preventive maintenance platform will help ensure your guests have only positive experiences in your hotel. After all, broken items and outages lead to bad guest experiences and negative reviews.

Use tracNcare’s visual scheduler to detect current asset failure rates and establish a proactive preventive plan that will let you beat brand standards and other benchmarks that your hotel or chain has set.

Protect Your Assets

Our preventive maintenance software enables you to routinely maintain your assets, staying ahead of breakages.

Visual Scheduler

tracNcare displays maintenance schedules via a visual scheduler that will help your team stay on top of tasks.

Stays, Not Days

Schedule preventive maintenance based on actual usage, not just the number of days that have passed since the asset was maintained.

Task Automation

Tasks related to preventive maintenance can be automatically scheduled and sent to employees’ mobile devices.

Get Reminders

Inspections should be performed regularly – tracNcare will notify employees when an inspection is to be completed.

Increase Brand Standard Rating

With tracNcare you’ll be able to monitor response time vs. brand standard rating, ensuring your property hits targets.

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