tracNcare Mobile App

Rapidly Resolve Guest Request and Maintenance Issues

Ensure Rapid Resolutions

tracNcare’s hotel app will ensure that iPhone and Android users are always up-to-date with what’s happening on your property.

When a new task is entered into the system it will automatically be assigned to the appropriate employee, instantly notifying them on their mobile device via the app for the quickest possible service.


Task Management Made Easy

Employees are able to see the tasks that have been assigned to them so they know exactly what they need to work on that day.

As they complete tasks they can send updates, upload photos, and attach files via the app. This ensures a constant flow of information so the management team always know what’s happening on their property.

Automatic Notifications

When a work or service order is entered into the system the appropriate employee is notified via a push notification through the app.

Send Updates

Employees are able to give constant updates – know when they first start working on a task and when it’s completed.

Upload Photos & Attach Files

Keep records of everything by attaching photos and files to your work and service orders.

Mobile Asset Management

Asset management is far simpler when maintenance staff and managers are able to access the information on the go.

Daily Tasks

Employees can see all the tasks they’ve been assigned so they know exactly what they have to do on any given day.

Android/iPhone Compatible

tracNcare’s hotel app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, so every employee can access the app.

Watch a Video to See tracNcare in Action

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