Lost & Found

A Simple Way to Manage Missing Items

Keep Track of Everything

tracNcare makes it easy to manage your lost and found items. The software allows you to log details, upload photos, and list item location and guest contact info.

The system stores return or disposal information and tracks how long the item has been missing/when it was found. You can even set reminders to follow-up with a guest if an item isn’t found after a certain number of days.

Track Lost & Found Items

tracNcare allows you to keep a detailed inventory of all the lost and found items at your property.

Upload Photos

Take photos of found items and have guests send pictures of missing ones to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Know Where It’s Stored

It’s not uncommon for hotels to store items in multiple places – tracNcare allows you to state exactly where an item is located.

Set Return/Disposal Info

Enter contact information for returns and set rules for disposal if nobody claims a found item.

Keep Track of Time

See how long an item has been lost or found for, which will assist with managing guest expectations and disposal.

Easily Search for Items

Quickly bring up the item you need in tracNcare, then see where it’s located and the address it should be returned to.

Watch a Video to See tracNcare in Action

Watch a Video