Inventory Management

Use tracNcare to Keep Track of Your Property’s Assets

Organize Your Assets

tracNcare maintains a detailed asset inventory so you always know how much stock you have and where it’s located.

Inside tracNcare you’ll be able to see your assets, their value, quantity on hand, and much more information at a glance.

Comprehensive Inventory Management Software

tracNcare’s inventory management platform keeps track of not only your assets but also requisitions and 3rd party suppliers. You can also receive items by scanning them directly into the system.

Build reports showing discrepancies, purchase orders, purchases by department/supplier, stockroom inventory, and more.

Keep Track of Your Assets

Know how many of a given asset you have, the location, value, and the minimum amount that should be on hand.

Manage Discrepancies

Correct any asset discrepancies with our Inventory Control Manager, which allows for quick adjustments to stock levels.

Create Requisitions

When stock of an asset runs low use tracNcare to easily create requisitions and ensure you never run out.

Detailed Reporting

tracNcare contains pre-built reports showing your inventory status, its location, discrepancies with your stock, and much more.

Barcode Compatible

Use barcode scanners to quickly and accurately manage your property’s incoming shipments.

3rd Party Supplier Catalogue

tracNcare logs supplier and contact information so you always know where to go when it’s time to buy more of an item.

Watch a Video to See How tracNcare Makes Inventory Management Easy

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