Maximize the Efficiency of Your Cleaning Department

Be Incredibly Efficient

tracNcare ensures your housekeeping services are optimally efficient. Measure the time it takes to complete housekeeping tasks and before long your cleaning service department will find themselves moving faster and faster, consistently meeting brand standards.

Our hotel housekeeping software facilitates cleaning, guest room inspections, turndown service, and allows for room prioritization.

Easy to Use Housekeeping Software

Your housekeepers will love how simple tracNcare is to use. They can clock into cleaning tasks on their mobile devices, letting others know they are unavailable. When they finish the task they will clock out, alerting their supervisor or manager that they are available for assignment.

Easy to Use

tracNcare’s housekeeping module is easy to use. Employees mark when a room is clean and the system does the rest.

PMS Integration

Automatically update your PMS room status once rooms are marked as clean in tracNcare.

Timed Tasks

Housekeepers will clock in and out when cleaning, encouraging them to accelerate their time to completion.

Mobile App

No terminal is necessary for access – our mobile app allows housekeepers to update room statuses on the go.

Guest Room Inspections

Ensure rooms have been cleaned to standards by performing inspections. Once complete, mark a room as inspected in the system.

Room Prioritizations

Set room cleaning priority to ensure housekeepers finish the most important rooms first.

Watch a Video to See tracNcare in Action

Watch a Video