Guest Management

Replace Your Logbook with tracNcare’s Service Optimization System

Organize, Assign, Track, and Follow-up on Guest Requests

tracNcare makes it easy to manage guest requests, so whether you need to deliver a towel to room 302 or give a wake-up call to room 1224 at 6:30 am, our service order software can handle it all.

When a service order is entered it will automatically be assigned to the most appropriate employee, sending them a notification on their mobile device for rapid resolution.

Improve Your Reputation Online

If you’re looking to improve your TripAdvisor® score, tracNcare will help. Our service software keeps track of guest moods and comments – positive, neutral, and negative.

Bring up a list of unhappy guests so you can go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional guest experience, or identify your happiest travelers to know which ones to ask to give you a review online.

Guest Management System

tracNcare is a comprehensive guest management system that will build loyalty and improve guest experiences.

Throw Away the Logbook

trackNcare logs and stores guest requests, plus displays updates on each request so you know what’s been completed.

Service Order Software

All types of guest requests can be logged in the system, from complaints to guest requests such as wake-up calls.

Know Your Guests’ Moods

Keep track of which guests in your hotel are happy, unhappy, or neutral about the experience. Use this to get positive reviews and avoid compensation.

Collect Invaluable Data

Use tracNcare to take corrective actions and to modify internal processes to further increase guest loyalty.

Get Instant Notifications

When a service order is entered the appropriate employee is automatically notified on their mobile device.

See How tracNcare Can Transform the Guest Experience

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