Employee Performance

Performance Management System for Hospitality

Measure Employee Performance

tracNcare contains a performance management system that allows management to drill down into employee efficiency.

You’ll be able to measure how long employees are working on tasks vs. the amount of time they’re on the clock, how quickly they respond to assignments, and see every task they’ve ever completed.

A Valuable Coaching Tool

Use tracNcare to identify weak spots in individual employee performance and coach them toward success.

To facilitate coaching you’ll be able to see performance management metrics, plus be able to identify common items passed and failed during inspections and view guest comments on specific employees.

Performance Management

tracNcare’s performance management system will show you detailed information about individual employees.

See Employee Effectiveness

Identify how much time employees spend completing tasks and compare this to the total time they’re on the clock.

Coach for Success

Identify strengths and weaknesses in specific employees and use this information to help them improve.

View Guest Comments

Log guest comments to see if employees are offering appropriate levels of service or creating lackluster experiences.

Measure Response Time

Know which employees respond fastest and slowest to guest requests and maintenance issues.

Adhere to Brand Standards

Management is automatically notified any time employee performance drops below a set brand standard rating.

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