Asset Management

Extend the Life Span of Your Property’s Assets

Comprehensive Asset Management System

tracNcare enables you to easily perform maintenance, inventory management, and conduct inspections, making it a comprehensive asset management system.

Use tracNcare to negotiate service contracts, organize warranties, budget asset maintenance costs, and plan for asset replacement.

Maintain High Standards

tracNcare will give you complete control and knowledge on when and where to perform inspections.

Create evaluation reports to record the exact time and date an inspection took place, fulfilling legal responsibilities for hotel assets such as elevators, fire safety equipment, and more. Save time by processing inspections using the mobile app.

Protect Your Assets

tracNcare helps you perform regular asset management to extend the life span of your property’s valuable items.

Avoid Liability

You will be alerted when maintenance is required and will see records of when tasks are completed.

Track Warranties and Contracts

Digitally assign warranty and contract documentation to assets and never go hunting through the file cabinet again.

Perform Inspections

Conduct in-house and third party inspections, logging the dates and results in our asset management system.

Track Replacement Schedules

Know how long assets have been in use, their remaining life span, and when they need to be replaced.

Reduce FF&E Costs

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment are a substantial expense in every hotel – lower it with tracNcare.

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