tracNcare Featured in CIOReview Magazine

tracNcare Hospitality Management

We’re excited to announce that tracNcare has recently been featured in CIOReview as one of the 20 most promising travel and hospitality solution providers of 2016. The article describes how tracNcare meets the needs of the hospitality industry and explains our motivation for creating the software in the first place.

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5 Ways Asset & Guest Management Software Can Help Your Property

tracNcare Hospitality Management

Lately a new type of software has been rising up in the hospitality space – one that helps bolster operational efficiency and keep maintenance costs down. Of course, we’re talking about asset and guest management software. In this article we’ll explore 5 ways guest and asset management software can help your property streamline operations and deliver better guest experiences.

Asset Management in Hospitailty: The Next Frontier

tracNcare Asset Management

The hospitality industry has fully realized the importance of technology and over the past decade or so has been implementing it rapidly. Leading the way are PMS and POS (point of sale) software, with booking engines, channel managers, and more following suit. The most recent trends revolve around placing tablets in rooms and the consideration of kiosks, but one of the most overlooked pieces of technology is asset management software.

Infographic: Hospitality Engagement Report for May 2016

tracNcare Hospitality Management

The good folks at CoMMingle have released a new infographic entitled the “Hospitality Engagement Report” that we found particularly interesting. It contains very up to date property management information about the latest happenings in hospitality – for anyone managing a property our bet is you’ll find it interesting. Here are some highlights from the infographic: