News Round-Up: August 5, 2016

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YWJFRO5XECIt’s the middle of summer and in the tourism industry things are heating up! Let’s take a look that latest that’s been happening in the world of hospitality.

Airbnb will start paying hotel taxes in LA. This is the “transient occupancy tax” and isn’t costing the company any extra money. Instead they will collect the tax on behalf of their hosts.

Meanwhile in San Diego, Airbnb is now exempt from the tourism levy.

Medical tourism is expected to rapidly grow over the coming years because “the treatment in question is unavailable in the home country, is expensive or illegal.” Supposedly the industry is already valued at $439 billion USD, with a 25% annual growth rate projected per year for the next 10 years.

Here’s a fun thought…what if Airbnb built a hotel?

Gene Kaufman, who has designed over 50 hotels in NYC and been dubbed “the dark lord of architectural blandness” has explained his design ideology in this article.

Finally, Customer Think posted a really good article on a mediocre trip to a new restaurant and broke the experience down in a thoroughly detailed report. If your property is managing a restaurant this will be worth a read as you’ll be able to identify any pain points your organization is inflicting on the guest.