Inside Asset & Guest Management Software Part 2: Managing Housekeeping & Fulfilling Guest Requests

tracNcare Asset & Guest Management Software

stocksnap_j4c1wjdmmuThis is part two of our asset & guest management software feature overview. In part one we discussed how the software can help you manage your assets and property maintenance.

Today we’ll go through housekeeping and guest request features, with a bonus section at the end.

Let’s get started with a look at the housekeeping features.

Housekeeping Features

Asset & guest management software gives you an incredibly efficient platform to manage housekeeping. You can measure how long it takes housekeepers to complete tasks and use this information to determine your top performers – and to identify which staff need coaching.

It also contains a powerful inspection engine that will allow your housekeepers and managers to perform routine inspections of rooms, ensuring that they have been cleaned to satisfaction. Worried about your staff bursting in on an occupied room? With a PMS integration room status is automatically updated so your housekeeping staff know when rooms are occupied.

Fulfilling Guest Requests

You can organize, assign, track, and follow-up on guest requests with asset & guest management software. Here’s how it works:

The guest in room 302 makes a call to the front desk for extra towels to be delivered. The front desk staff will enter the request into the system and assign the task to an appropriate employee.

The assigned employee will immediately receive a notification on their mobile device, alerting them of their new to-do. The employee will note that they’ve started the task, deliver the towels, and then mark the request as completed.

The software also allows guest moods to be tracked, so if the guest is upset the employee knows what they’re walking in to.

Bonus: Other Features

The software also contains a lost & found, employee performance tracking tools, and detailed reporting functionality.

The lost & found is particularly helpful, as it allows hotels to log both lost and found items. Pictures can be stored in the system for easy identification, as can associated information such as descriptions, contact information and the storage location of found items.

Employee performance tracking will make it easy for management to determine employee efficiency. Identify how long employees are working on tasks vs. the amount of time they’re on the clock, how quickly they respond to assignments, and see every task they’ve ever completed.

Finally, the detailed reporting in the software will help you meet and beat brand standards. You’ll find reports for task completion, property inventory, employee activity, asset management, and more.

As you can see, there is quite a lot inside asset & guest management software. If you’d like to learn more, check out this short video overview.