Inside Asset & Guest Management Software Part 1: Asset Management & Maintenance Features

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photo-1454388683759-ee76c15fee26In today’s post we’re going to talk about some of the specific features you’ll find inside asset & guest management software – specifically asset management & maintenance management features.

If you’re new to the software, consider this a primer on the features within tracNcare.

Asset Management Features

Asset management is a practice that will help you protect your assets, extending the life span of your property’s valuable physical components. There are several ways the software helps you do this.

One way is via an inspection engine that allows you to perform one-off and routine inspections. Regular inspections will help you keep your property’s assets in a well-maintained state.

It also makes fulfilling legal responsibilities easy – elevators, fire safety equipment and more can be regularly scheduled, with the inspections logged digitally as a permanent record.

The software will also track replacement schedules and costs. This will let you know how long assets have been in use, see their remaining life span, and identify exactly when they need to be replaced. Knowing how much you spend on repairing a specific asset will allow you to determine which ones are costing your property more than they should be.

Another asset management feature is that the software stores your inventory, service contracts, warranties, and more so you never have to go hunting through file cabinets again.

Maintenance Management Features

Asset & guest management software will help you manage both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is the most common kind of repair hoteliers make – when something breaks, send someone to repair it.

This is done by setting up a task. Our asset & guest management platform will send those tasks to the appropriate employee’s mobile device where they can clock into the task, send updates back to management (including photos), and finally clock out when the task is complete.

Preventive maintenance is routine maintenance and more commonly used in conjunction with asset management. Examples include swapping out filters, checking pool chemicals, and so forth. Asset & guest management software will allow you to schedule routine maintenance in advance, with tasks being sent to the correct employee just like with corrective maintenance.

Need to send a work order to a third party vendor? No problem. You’ll also be able to see logs of active and completed maintenance items and drill down to tasks completed by individual employees.

It’s About Stays, Not Days

One of the things that sets tracNcare apart from the competition is that rooms have preventive maintenance scheduled by stays, not days.

Why is this important? Your property will have rooms that are used more often than others, which means those rooms’ assets are more prone to breakages than the ones in rarely used rooms.

By calculating maintenance on the number of times the room has been used you’ll save money by not performing unneeded repairs.

Well there you have it, a quick look at the asset management and maintenance features found within asset & guest management software. If you’d like to learn more, why not watch an overview video?