A Look at Asset & Guest Management Software

tracNcare Hospitality Management

YZLPU4NERIAsset & guest management software helps you manage your assets, maintenance, housekeeping, and guest requests, among other things.

This sounds like a wide variety – and it is – but it all ties together beautifully to create a seamless system that will drastically improve your operations.

To help you see how, let’s take a look at how this software is put together.

The Cornerstone of Asset & Guest Management Software

Not surprisingly, the cornerstone of asset & guest management software is asset management. This is the practice of ensuring your assets continue to perform as expected at an acceptable cost.

Asset management is a critical practice for properties to perform. Say you have 100 HVAC systems – asset management helps you track the repairs, cost, and maintenance frequency of individual units. Is one system breaking down 3x more frequently than all the others and thus costing you 75% of its value annually? Replacing this system becomes the cheaper solution.

Note that there are two systems at play here:

  1. All aspects of individual assets must be tracked
  2. Someone has to actually repair or maintain the assets

We’ve already seen how #1 works, but #2…well that’s something else entirely. If someone is going to replace an asset you need to tell your maintenance team to do so.

Expanding the View

To facilitate this, tasks were added to the system. Now we have a comprehensive asset management system that allows a property to not just keep track of their individual assets but also assign tasks.

But while we’re assigning maintenance staff to replace assets, why not just assign them for everything? If something breaks the asset protection system is now fully equipped to manage that maintenance event.

Now we have a maintenance management system that’s fully trackable and works much better than sticky notes, a logbook, or even walkie-talkies.

Why stop at maintenance?

With the task system in place maintenance management became simple. Housekeeping works on tasks too, so that was added into the system.

Another key task-based system? Guest requests. If you want to send towels to room 1229 simply assign the task to an employee and off those towels go. Every request a guest makes can be facilitated by the system.

The software isn’t just about task management, thought that’s certainly an important feature. Over time numerous additional features were added that complement the above mentioned processes, such as lost & found, guest mood tracking, and reporting.

Think of the software like this: Asset & guest management software will streamline your operations by giving you a centralized place to look after your assets, manage maintenance and housekeeping, and fulfill guest requests.