tracNcare Team

David M. Perkins


David Perkins has spent 20 years building startup companies. As the author of T.A.C.T.I.C.S., a training manual on how to win corporate sales, David’s expertise lies in training, motivating and managing sales personnel.

As the National Sales manager for the largest corporate reseller of AT&T services in Canada, David successfully applied T.A.C.T.I.C.S., building a 100 person sales force directly responsible for capturing both millions of dollars in revenue and significant market share for AT&T. David continued to hone his leadership, managerial and operational skills as the Senior Vice-President for Central Point Technologies, a division of a publicly trading company with revenues in excess of 100 million. In 2002 David became the President & CEO of IQware Inc. He has grown the company from 15 employees to over 50, created a respected brand name and increased annual revenues by over 400%.

His creativity, management strengths, and unquenchable enthusiasm continues to be the driving force force for tracNcare, an IQware subsidiary. Presiding over the destiny of these companies, David remains actively involved in overseeing product development, running day-to-day operations and assisting all aspects of sales, marketing and corporate growth.

Francois Greffard

Chief Operating Officer

Francois Greffard graduated from the renowned Quebec based Institut de Tourisme et d’hotellerie. Over the years Francois acquired in-depth hospitality expertise in Front Office Management, Accounting and Food & Beverage while working for various hotel management companies throughout Canada, including Delta Hotels, Howard Johnson, and DMS.

His strong technology knowledge leads Francois to customize, manage and support applications for the hotel companies which employed him. Francois joined our Team in 1999 and quickly demonstrated the aptitudes required for running the overall company operations. In 2005, Francois was entrusted with the role of Vice President of Operations for IQware, of which tracNcare is a subsidiary, and now also assumes the role of Vice President of this new venture.

Francois is responsible for managing all aspects of our companies. He supervises and works closely with each department including R&D, Support, Installations and Sales. His forward thinking, combined with strong relationships with our partners, leads us to form and execute projects that enhance our company, solutions and market presence.

Gino Ostiguy

Director of Product Development

Gino Ostiguy acquired a vast experience in the hospitality industry while working for various hotel chains such as Roussillons and Groupe hôtelier Jaro . Understanding the need for better technology in the hospitality industry he graduated from Concordia University in computer science, mathematics and statistics. Following this he worked as a project manager, implementation specialist and architect for various hospitality technology companies in the Quebec market. He even founded his own technology company in 2005 and began the development of a Quality Asset Management platform. tracNcare acquired this platform in late 2011 and asked Gino to join our team as Director of product development to oversee the entire development team.

Edwin Hortet

Vice President, International Business Development

Edwin Hortet has been directing overall administration functions for medium to large hospitality organizations since his graduation from Florida International University with a B.A. in Business Finances in 1988. Edwin joined the our in 1999 with 11 years of finance and property management experience focused in the hospitality industry, making him a valuable asset to the sales team. Edwin’s role is expanding tracNcare’s market presence around the world. His vast understanding of products and ability to work with multinational organizations are instrumental to our expansion in key markets throughout the globe.

Michael Weingarten

Business Development

With 30 years of experience in distribution, manufacturing and managing companies from early stage to multimillion dollar worldwide corporations and extensive experience in M&A, Michael participated in over 40 M&A transactions in his career. 15 years of manufacturing & distribution experience in China resulting in over $1.5 billion US in sales. He served as Chairman, CEO and President in both publicly traded and privately owned companies. Prior assignments include Chairman, CEO and President for Commercial Consolidators, Corp. (1999 to 2002), Complete & Preferred Tele-Management, Corp. (1994 to 1999) and Consumer Telephone, Corp. (1991 to1993). Michael brings to tracNcare. a stong background in world wide business development and vast knowledge of the Asian market, he will assit the comapny in gaining market shares outside of it current distribution markets.